Thursdays at 6 pm EST
on Martha's Vineyard
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Join us for the 12-episode
TV show 'Art Adventures'!

Hosts and artists Elizabeth Whelan and Adriana Eftimie explore some of the most interesting and intriguing aspects of the art world.

From thefts and forgeries to secret codes and hidden meanings, each episode delves into a different topic, examining the art and analyzing its history and context.

Below you will find the art from each episode, article links, and book and movie recommendations.

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Episode 1
What's the difference between a fake and a forgery? Learn about intriguing forgery cases and tell us, would you have been fooled?
Episode 2
Adriana and Elizabeth discuss some audacious art thefts and the art that got away, in this second episode of Art Adventures.
Episode 3
It's a great debate -- is AI-generated art original? Adriana and Elizabeth discuss artificial intelligence in the art world!
Episode 4
Elizabeth and Adriana reveal hidden symbols and secret codes in art, and share some ideas for hiding codes in your own work!
Episode 5
Just how do art auction houses make their money? And what's with the sky-high prices? Adriana and Elizabeth investigate!
Episode 6
Why do art prices fluctuate and what drives the art market? Elizabeth and Adriana share some great art and guess at its value!
Episode 7
Do artists live a life of debauchery? What modern art myths persist? Adriana and Elizabeth look at the art and discuss!
Episode 8
How is valuable art used to 'launder' money from criminal enterprises? Adriana and Elizabeth explain how it works!
Episode 9
Artists have been on the move for centuries. Elizabeth and Adriana look at the work and lives of artists on the go!
Episode 10
Why do people keep destroying valuable art? Elizabeth and Adriana discuss the reasons and look at work that's been lost!
Episode 11
Graffiti and street art -- love it or hate it, Adriana and Elizabeth explore the ways humans 'decorate' their surroundings!
Episode 12
What art deserves a fig leaf? Humans have had some funny ideas about art, as Adriana and Elizabeth discover!
Behind the Scenes
So you want to make your own TV show! Elizabeth and Adriana share some behind-the-scenes stories and production fun!

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